1. Will I go flying into the ceiling?
    This is theoretically possible, although the rope will only disappear through the ceiling if you pull much too hard and fail to catch the sally (that's the fluffy bit). If this happens, all you need to do is let go!

  2. Do I need to be musical?
    No. English-style change ringing involves methods (mathmatical patterns), not tunes, so you don't need to be musical. Please don't be put off by the maths either: if you can count to 8, you can ring.

  3. Do I need to attend church services?
    No. Some ringers do, some don't; it's entirely up to you.

  4. Is that image on your home page upside down?
    It is. I think it looks better that way. Those bells should be pointing mouth upwards, which is not how they appear on Christmas cards, but is what they do in real life! They swing in a full circle, so that they strike with the mouth approximately horizontal, which projects the sound outwards. For an animation of this, see this page from The Washington Ringing Society.

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